Private yoga, corporate yoga, and workplace yoga in New Wilmington PA

YogaFirst hosts individual private yoga and offers group corporate yoga near New Castle PA and near Hermitage PA. Yoga classes with instructional support help participants reach their fitness goals. Take advantage of yoga near New Wilmington PA for yourself and your employees.

Everyone needs a way to increase mobility and relieve the stress of our modern lifestyle. Mobility, strength, flexibility, and balance can increase at any age. Yoga empowers you to handle the difficult and stressful moments life throws at us.

Michelle Fielding in half spinal twist at YogaFirst studio, New Wilmington PA

Yoga instructor Michelle Fielding in half spinal twist

Yoga offers a healthy alternative to strenuous gym exercise offered at the usual fitness gym or YMCA. A fitness gym can be intimidating, and personal trainers at a fitness gym can be expensive. You won’t feel intimidated with YogaFirst. You will enjoy attaining health and fitness with safe and nonjudgmental instruction.

YogaFirst gives you the opportunity to focus on yourself. No prior yoga experience is necessary to practice with YogaFirst. Classes are designed to help participants concentrate on enhancing fitness through love of self. Students with injuries or limitations are taught to use modified poses. It’s important to make your practice your own. Feel empowered. Build fitness with yoga.

YogaFirst studio ammenities include blocks, straps, and blankets

YogaFirst amenities include mats, blocks, straps, and blankets

YogaFirst classes are tailored to the ability of the student. Beginner and advanced level classes are available. Learn more about the YogaFirst create your class HERE.

You can find YogaFirst on the map by clicking HERE. YogaFirst offers yoga near New Wilmington PA, yoga near New Castle PA, yoga near Volant PA, yoga near Hermitage PA, and yoga near West Middlesex, PA.